Meg Thee Stallion’s Debut Album, Good News: Way To Get Your Foot In The Door Meg! *gives a thumbs up*


 Rapper Meg Thee Stallion released her debut album, Good News, after a full year of commercial success with releasing singles, collabs, and extended plays (EPs). Earlier this year in late-July, Meg blew up in the tabloids after she got shot in the foot, allegedly by her now ex-boyfriend, Tory Lanez after leaving a party. After a few weeks of virtually staying silent about the issue, Meg finally came forward and said Tory had done it. The public’s response to this story varied, with many people believing Meg, and another cool amount of people insisting Tory was innocent. Most of the people who did the latter were men and some famous rappers. Soon after the incident, in August, Meg had a triumph alongside fellow female rapper Cardi B when they released their collab, “WAP”, which debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the first rap collab by female rappers to do so. Megan would also see success in another collab, this time with the international pop star that is Beyonce, with a remix of her song “Savage”, which kicked off a challenge all over Tik Tik throughout 2020. This remixed version also went to number 1 on the charts. After seeing so much success, what would be a better time for Meg to finally release her debut album other than now? With this album, Meg continues to deliver lyrically and put her talented bars on display. This album had 17 songs on it. Here’s a rundown of each of the songs individually: 

Shots Fired (2:51): This first song on Meg’s album calls Tory and some other men out for rushing to demonize her no matter what evidence there was that she was telling the truth. She is very blunt about what her feelings towards Tory are now and lets him know what a coward he really is. I’m just happy that Meg was finally able to let her bottled up feelings out in this song. This seemed like a good therapy song for her. 8/10

Circles (2:51): This song has a nice beat and cadence. It samples Jazmine Sullivan’s 2010 song, “Circles”. It takes on the recurring theme and message of some of Meg’s songs that if a boy is wasting your time, it’s time to move on from him. She basically says in this song that if you’re not going to be about your business around her, then she has every right to move on from you, and in turn, that’ll just make you want her even more. The slight superficialness aside, I think it’s an overall nice message to women when you tell them that they shouldn’t just deal with anyone even if they do things or behave in ways they don’t like. The sound and beat of this song alone would make it replay value for me. For one, it samples a song that I really like from when I was younger. And two, Meg gives it an upbeatness that makes it all the more pleasant for me to listen to. In a way, it reminds me of Drake’s nice for what. 9/10 

Crybaby ft. DaBaby (2:18): This song was featuring DaBaby. It starts with him and a good portion of the song contains mostly his bars with Meg coming through mid-song. I wasn’t too fond of this song. Even though DaBaby is a good rapper in a technical sense as he has bars, and other people like him, I’m not really too fond of his style of flow and cadence unfortunately for it’s honestly kind of grating and it’s pretty much the same thing on every single song of his, even if it takes on a different form sometimes. Meg delivered lyrically on this song as usual. And this all I have to say on this particular song. 6/10

Do It On The Tip ft. City Girls (2:48): This song has the unfortunate case of being too sexually explicit for me to fully go into details about it on a school published paper. I will say, however, that it’s very upbeat, which I like from songs occasionally. Meg & the producers did a nice job with the beat and she did a nice job with her flow. The City Girls did their thing as well. This song is what some would call, a ‘club banger’. 8.5/10 

Sugar Baby (2:27): Meg really decided to have fun with this song. Right at the start of the song, she exclaims, “Support black businesses!”. And I can get with that. Throughout the whole song, she gloats about having a lot of money to spend and not letting it go to waste. It’s very cool to spoil yourself, she basically tells us. She intends on letting us know that if you got it, you might as well spend it *shrugs*. She doesn’t hide the fact that she has it for a second. 8/10 

Movie ft. Lil Durk (3:48): To be quite frank, this was a pretty boring and unadventurous song to me. I was sort of on the verge of falling asleep mid-song even though it was a good song sonically. It’s basically the same subject matter form Meg specifically, so it couldn’t have held my attention that much. Maybe it will grow on me, who knows. Only time will tell. 6/10 

Freaky Girls ft. SZA (2:47): I really liked this song. SZA was really holding it down with the melody and her vocals were really solid on this song. The hook was really fun to listen to because of her. I have no problem with the featured artist taking up most of the song if it’s not hindering the overall quality of the song (no offense to DaBaby and the other song). With that being said, Meg comes through almost mid-song and adds to SZA’s gleam with her own raw rap style. I never realized how compatible the two could be until I listened to this song. 10/10 

Body (2:54): This is also another song I really liked on the album. It has that catchiness factor that I love so much when I listen to some songs. I mean, you can’t really compete with this hook you hear here. Body-yawdee-yawdee-yawdee-yawdee-yawdee. Okay, I’m getting carried away. Anyways, this song does have the potential to be a big hit if it gets a big push, content considered and everything. Another thing that can add on to the song’s likeability factor is the music video. It has some nice choreography and a few cameos. Not to mention, it has some really cool and in your face visuals. They’re really flashy and at times colorful, and I really like it. I hope this song gets a pretty big push. 10/10 

What’s New (2:35): In this song, Meg addresses potential haters by essentially telling them “Screw you” (I’m paraphrasing). When you’re a public figure, of course you’re bound to come across criticism. But sometimes, people can go overboard with this and it comes across as hatred. People like to waste their energy hating on celebrities, sometimes. For a celebrity, it seems like one day they’re an unknown and don’t have to encounter troublesome hate, and then the next day, they blow up and have to encounter negativity towards them every day. Everyone has their fair share of haters, but most the time, it’s every once in a while. When you’re witnessing people share their negative feelings about you every day when you didn’t have to do that before, it can begin to take its toll. I feel like this song is a way for Meg to get her feelings off her chest, sort of to let people know that she hears them, but she hardly cares and will continue to do what she’s doing. I can’t say I’m mad at her. Everyone has a different way of responding to their ‘haters’. 8/10 

Work That (2:15): In typical Meg Thee Stallion fashion, this is a song about her having relations. It wouldn’t be a Meg album without at least two songs about this. This song has a nice beat and a catchy tune to it. This is all I will say. 8.2/10 

Intercourse ft. Popcaan & Mustard (3:17): This song has a different tune than many of the others on the album, musically; it takes on a reggae beat and tune. And I liked it a lot. This is another song that’s about sex, but it proves Meg’s versatility and her ability to collab with different kinds of artists. To be versatile, you have to have serious talent or at least a great level of musical intellect. Also, when most people like a song, it’s because it either has them in their feelings or it gets them going, regardless of the lyrical content. It’s about the music part. That’s how it is for me. This is a pretty good song. 9/10 

Go Crazy ft. Big Sean and 2 Chainz (3:45): I didn’t go too crazy over this song. I felt like it was a standard rap song with features; there was nothing special about it in my opinion. I will say that Big Sean and 2 Chainz properly added their own rap styles to the song and the three of them understood cues pretty well and knew when to come in and spit their raps at the right time. I feel like some people will like this, though. It’s solid, but boring in my opinion. 7/10 

Don’t Rock Me To Sleep (3:03): This is another favorite of mine on this album. It takes on the upbeat pop style with rap-singing/melodic elements and pop is one of my favorite genres; I really like the way Meg went about this. I can definitely see this song being in pop radio rotation and on department stores’ streaming playlists. It’s a good, ear-wormy song with a fun, beachy tune. If there was any song on the album that would help Megan cross over into pop audiences any more than she already has, it would definitely be this song. She should release it as a single. 10/10 

Outside (2:32): This song is a rap ballad, if that was even possible. Meg made it possible. And just so we’re all clear, I absolutely love ballads, pop and r&b, and other genre under the sun. This is a really short song, but it’s still pretty good even though I was hardly paying attention to the lyrics. Meg keeps saying something about “meet me outside” and that’s all I know. When I listen to it, I’ll be sure to pay more attention to the lyrics. This song samples an r&b classic, “Something In My Heart” by Michel’le and I guess that’s why I liked it so much. I recognized it the minute I heard it. Another nice job by Megan. 9.3/10 

Savage Remix ft. Queen B (4:06): Even though it had gone to number 1, this was actually my first time listening to this song, and it’s pretty good. It’s the longest song on this album. Megan raps pretty much the same bars she rapped in the original song with a few add-ons. Beyonce continues the trap rap-sing movement she’s been on for a long while now. Am I a big fan of it? No. Does she sound good with it sometimes? Yes. She did in this song, with a few vocal runs. Do I miss her old style, though? Yes. I realized a while ago that this is going to be her style now, so I’m just rolling with it. Also, I have to say: a few people were criticizing Bey for discussing Onl*F*ns in this song at her old age, but it wasn’t even like she was saying she actively uses the site or has an account; she was just throwing a punchline. Relax. Anyways, this was a nicely done collaboration between the two. Meg was Meg, and we know how that is. Hopefully, they do another collab in the future. 8.5/10 

Girls In The Hood (2:45): This song didn’t excite me too much. I don’t even care that much about the original “Boyz N The Hood” by Eazy-E. But many people seem to like this and I can understand why. I liked the reference Meg made to watching anime. I thought it was pretty funny. I like to see ‘cool’ people like and do nerdy things. It reminds me of myself. *wink* 7.5/10 

Don’t Stop ft. Young Thug (3:11): I think Young Thug could’ve been left out, no offense. I think she would’ve been able to get her point across without him. She does that well on her own. I honestly think the topic of this song was pretty frivolous, which is fine as all songs absolutely do not have to have a deep meaning or even make sense to be widthstantial. That metric is only used by music elitists who’d rather worry about having a superior music taste than just enjoy the music for what it is. My little ‘gripe’ with this song, if that’s what you want to call it, is the flow itself is unmoving. I didn’t care too much for it. I would listen to this song again because I would be watching the video. I like the visuals Meg incorporated with all the flashing lights and the decoy houses. She also wears cool costumes and dresses herself up as the Cheshire Cat at one point with a pink lace front and two pigtails. She looked nice. I also liked the hairstyles she was wearing. 7.5/10 

Overall album points: 140.5/170 B- 

Album Grading: 8.4/10 B  

  This was a nice starter LP for Megan. She has spent the entirety of the beginning of her career releasing singles and EPs, and I was wondering how she would hold up with her first full album. And now, I don’t really have to worry at all. It’s nice, in my opinion. I didn’t have too many criticisms. She shows versatility and at times, vulnerability while still staying true to her signature sound. That’s pretty much the way to go. I would, however, like to see her get more personal for her next album or explore more topics to rap about. And I do think she can have success in the pop landscape, just as Nicki did. I’m excited for Meg. I trust that she’ll continue to have her success and won’t fade out anytime soon. She made going away unfathomable to think about for me. She just won an AMA, just so we all know that. 

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