The Reason to Elon Musks’ Success


While being the wealthiest entrepreneur in the world with $185 Billion dollars. Elon Musk is able to show people wealth doesn’t happen overnight, there will be failures, and things won’t always go your way but if you keep trying eventually something is going to work, with one of his quotes saying ¨Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.¨ You can see this through his multitude of companies like Zip2 that would house the content for the 2 big websites; The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. After selling Zip2 for $341 Million he and his brother would fund (Now known as paypal) an online financial services/payments company. Paypal was later sold for 1.5 billion dollars while Elon earned 11% of that due to stocks. Elon then founded his 3rd company called Space X where he sought to reinvent the space travel that we know today and wanted the colonization of Mars. With this, he made the first private company to be allowed to interact with the NASA space station by sending a rocket to space carrying thousands of pounds of necessities. Soon after this, he released his well-known Tesla Motors where his goal would be to get as many electric cars into the market as possible. Elon would release a multitude of cars like the Tesla Roadster, and the Models S,3,X, and eventually Model Y, purposely spelling ‘sexy’. Elon has also been known to make other fun out of his wealth like the creation of The Boring Company. While this venture didn’t give him the great wealth, he did manage to build a massive tunnel in LA because of traffic, a flamethrower, booty shorts, and a highly expensive liquor in the shape of a glass lightning bolt. Now The Boring company is used for people who have the money to pay for their private tunnel away from traffic. Eventually he would invest in a solar city that is a company that installs small and effective solar panels, and charging stations for electric vehicles. What he is most recently interested in is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and invested $100 million in several companies like Vicarious, DeepMind, and Neuralink. As the Founder of NeuraLink, he is looking into neurotechnology. Where paraplegic would have the ability to be able to insert an implantable brain-machine interface. By doing this people who initially couldn’t use their phone would have the ability to, on top of this Neuralink is also looking into the ability to give movement to paraplegics manufactured appendages through the brain waves received by the chip. 

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