Exciting things are around the corner for BHS athletes! Finally the news all BHS students never thought would come again. The news that would maybe give us a taste of normal student life again. Benicia sports is finally back! You heard that right, it’s time for the athletes to show some BHS pride. Benicia is finally able to open sports alongside the state California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) guidelines.  The first round up of sports that is coming back is purple tier cross country, swimming & diving , tennis , track and field, and golf. Joining the comeback of sports is the red tier sports which  includes none-other than; Baseball and softball. But with all the excitement going on how will things take place? Will there be competitions? Are there going to be guidelines? What will occur? 

  On the sports info night that resulted on Thursday the 4th, Head of director of sports Craig Holden and Principal Brianna Kleinschmidt discussed some of the guidelines and expectations for returning to sports. First things first the state guidelines will be implied and practiced at ALL times. This includes the 6ft apart rule along with the mask requirement. Athletes should imply these rules throughout practice and games. Holden couldn’t stress how important these guidelines and rules are to be followed in order for sports at BHS to not only continue but make a full and steady approach to all sports being allowed. Along with the 6 ft apart and mask guidelines there will be modifications that will be executed for games or competitions. For example for swimming competitions; since there are rules against more than two swimmers in a pool, the students  will meet at their local pools and have their times recorded and then have them compared as that will be how they will keep score. And for tennis they will have doubles instead of singles to save time and have less contact.  These modifications will be executed whenever necessary for the safety and health of the athletes. 

Another topic that was brought up was the spectators and parents attendance to the games and practices. The head of sports quickly shut down any idea of their being spectators as he even prohibited the parents attendance. The student athletes are to be dropped off and escorted by their coaches to and from the practice and games. Another thing that was addressed was absolutely no congregating. Athletes will arrive and leave no exceptions. 

They also go on about how to sign up your athlete for this year’s selected sports. It is very simple, all you will have to do is sign them up on “family id”. Where you just have to fill it out and upload your childs physical which is required. On that note a student athlete can only sign up for one sport only. This could not be stressed enough!! A child is to only register for one sport and one sport only, that means you cannot try out for two sports.Craig Holden brought up some advice which was to register for an open sport ; meaning a sport that doesnt have cuts and is almost a guarantee to join. These “open sports” include : swimming & diving, tennis, track and field, and golf (until full). The “cut sports” include: Baseball and softball. So goodluck athletes, and make sure to make your choice wiseley. 

It’s Understandable that some of this information can be alot… but hey! We are getting sports back and i couldn’t be happier! Life at BHS just wouldn’t be the same without it. And it is giving the student athletes the chance they have been waiting for! BHS panther pride is making a comeback. Finally a taste at normal life for us bhs students.  

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