Can Watching News be Detrimental to Your health?


The news is a crucial way to learn information on current and local events. Especially during these times, the news is a huge part of everyone’s lives and depending on how much you watch can factor in how you feel and can bring a sense of fear or stress into your life. Think about it, how rare it is to see a positive thing reported on the news, its rare, most news report negative events and listening to too much of it can leave a negative impact on your psyche and physical health. 

While being informed is important, too much news can affect  numerous parts of your life, The Times says watching news constantly can result in sleep loss, fatigue, and even create more worrying in your own personal problems. Stress can also be caused by the news and in return can actually make your immune system weaker, which can make you more vulnerable to disease, and during this pandemic, is the last thing you want.

However, news is important, but your health is too. Jennifer Hughes, a psychologist says that moderation is key, with making sure not to be constantly watching the news. Having a schedule when to watch and when not to watch can help reduce the anxiety caused by news and may even improve your day to day life, especially  if you’re the kind of person that likes to watch the news frequently.

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