Demand For Reopening Of Gyms Rises

As the pandemic continues, gyms continue to be closed and gym members become restless to go back to their local gym. Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, is thrown to allow indoor gyms to operate again and while Newsom state order prevents that, some gyms continue their business and break the rules.

Ripped Fitness in San Jose stays open and ignores the state order, arguing that gyms opening would be no different than having open restaurants with people eating without a mask. You might think gyms  to be the opposite of safe in terms of sanitation, but others argue it to be completely safe. Members of Planet Fitness who have gone during the pandemic have reported seeing every member of their gym wiping down their equipment after use and wearing masks when necessary. 

So if you’re a gym person and are itching to get back, have hope for reopening. Despite the state orders not allowing gyms to open, this sudden demand in reopening might change things. 

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