Are Diet Sodas Really As Bad As The Media Says?


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Everyone has at least one time in their life sat down and enjoyed a good soda, pop, or whatever you may call it, but many people know that it is not always the healthiest drink. That’s why some prefer to drink diet beverages, but are these drinks really as healthy as big soda wants you to think? I have an uncle like many of you and one day he was drinking diet coke, and I asked him if the diet coke was any better than regular coke, and he could not give me any answer. So I set off to the internet to find the truth, and what I found may shock you!

If I asked you what is in most sodas what would you be able name one thing and that is high fructose corn syrup, which has been shown to lead to type incline resistance, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, weight gain, and obesity. Not to say that sugar is always bad, we need it for energy but in the modern world sugar is in so much food that we eat. Our bodies get more than we need. Most soda cans have 40g or ten teaspoons of sugar, that is 160 calories from pure sugar alone. This is where artificial sweeteners come in to play which can sweeten food from 200 to 600 times the sweetness of sugar, while cutting down on the calories. The most common artificial sweeteners in diet sodas are ace-k (acesulfame potassium) and aspartame, but other sweeteners not found in diet sodas but other food products include, sucralose and saccharin. 

Artificial sweeteners were stumbled upon in 1879 by Ira Remsen, who was researching coal tar. When he forgot to wash his hands before lunch and tasted something sweet, that was the creation of the first artificial sweetener. Now you are probably hearing artificial and thinking that it is bad or unnatural, but hold on. There have been many studies on artificial sweeteners, to show that artificial sweeteners results to increase the likelihood of getting type 2 diabetes as well as cancer, but many of the studies can only find results on mice and when moving on to human trials the studies find that it is all good for humans. In fact these studies were also giving the mice so much artificial sweeteners to produce results that they were giving the mice proportionally about 18 diet sodas a day! Now I don’t know about you, but I have never seen anyone drink that much soda a day. There have also been observational studies about how people looked at some data and found a correlation between people that drank diet soda and people who have underlying health issues, but this study is also flawed because correlation does not necessarily mean causation, these people might have already had underlying health issues or have others variables that might impact their health.

Now you might think after hearing all of this the diet soda is great you can drink more of it regular soda but wait, the soda may have no calories but that does not mean that it’s healthy. So while it is better than coke that does not mean you should treat it any differently and should only drink it every so often, instead try some water and see if you can find other things that  might be different than what the media might tell you, and take in to consideration the fact and opinions of different sides.

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