Asian hate crimes resurge, except more victims are piling up


Last year Asian Americans faced a ton of hate and violence in their community purely because of their race, with the main reason being COVID-19. With many government officials labeling the coronavirus as the Chinese virus. At first, it seemed pretty harmless, but things got sour fast. Terrible context and misinformation have eventually led people to believe that Asians are the reason they are in lockdown.  Thus people had an outlet to let out their hate. That caused over 2500 cases of hate crimes towards Asian Americans. A report that collaborated this sentiment said “Anti-Asian hate and violence are not new. Historically, diseases and outbreaks have been used to rationalize racism and xenophobia against Asian Americans and against other perceived “out” groups. Such racism and xenophobia are often caused by a confluence of factors, some of which has little to do with the disease itself.”

Now, many people would assume that these trends would stop.  Instead, acts of violence just became worse. The Elderly became a new target of these hate crimes. In one of the first significant cases, an 84-year-old Thai man was murdered in  SF.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t the only one, as more and more bodies were starting to turn up. Even Famous actors were being affected by these hate Crimes. Oliva Munn’s friend’s mother got attacked. She was 50 years old, and was targeted for being Chinese. Oliva Munn said, “These racist hate crimes against our elders have got to stop. We’re gonna find this guy. Queens, Internet, please… do your s—t. 🙏🏼,”.  

The violence was rising, but the support was rising as well. Many companies started to show their support. For example, Nike released a video saying “Our hearts are with our Asian community. We stand united with our partners to create a more inclusive future.” Luckily this sentiment was being shared by other communities as well. Another way where people showed support was through rallies to show support towards the Asian communities. These supporters want to end this hatred.

In the end, why does this happen? Well simply,  America has a precedent of always having a punching bag. In 9/11,  Indians and Muslims continued to receive a ton of hate crimes because of that incident. This continued to happen thus Islamophobia came to rise in America which spiraled into a Muslim ban type of lawmaking. American people need to stop this extreme toxic behavior and need to bring in these trying times. As there is no need for hate and we should strive for unity.

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