The Impact of the “Framing Brittney Spears” Documentary


It has almost been a month since the release of “Framing Britney Spears.” So if you haven’t watched the documentary, here is the TLDR. The documentary talks about how unfairly the media have represented Brittney Spears by making fun of her, pruning into her social life, and ruining her credibility.  The doc talks about how media has made Brittney Spears crazy, resulting in Brittney Spears losing the right to manage her money and to treat her kids right.  Then, her father came to be in complete control of her life, which violates basic human decency.  In short, people should not make mental health jokes. 

This documentary has brought a massive issue that major celebrities have been suffering from bad mental health.  One clip that has been resurfacing is a Linsay Lohan interview with David Letterman. The clip shows Letterman being completely mean and bringing incentive what does this mean? topics of rehab and drug addiction to Lohan. Who at the time was suffering from drug addiction. Letterman continued to make fun of her mental illness and did not tell her this was going to happen in the interview. 

This documentary showed the progress America made on mental illness.  Only a decade ago; we made fun of celebrities acting human, and now we praise them. This shows we need to continue to talk about mental health and destigmatize overcoming one’s problems. Currently, in America, everyone is suffering,  and the fact we have more people talking about mental health is a good sign of what’s to come.  

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