Why Nicaragua Should Be On Your Travel Bucket-list


Nicaragua is a country located in Central America that is bordered by Honduras and Costa Rica. The Country is filled with lush forests, exotic animals, and the country alone has 19 volcanoes. Nicaragua often gets overlooked but here are 5 reasons why Nicaragua should be on your travel bucket list.  

  1. The City of Granada

Best Places to Retire Abroad: Granada, Nicaragua - WSJ

Granada is one of the oldest cities in Nicaragua and was founded in 1523 by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba. The city is filled with rich architecture, cobblestone streets, vibrant colors, and gorgeous churches. Granada also offers rich culture, amazing museums, and so much nightlife. Granada is one hour away from the capital of Managua, and 2 hours away from León, this city contains the Cerro Negro Volcano. 

  1. The 19 Volcanoes Make For Great Adventures. 

Nicaragua is home to 19 volcanoes that are located near every major city in the country. One of those volcanoes being the San Cristóbal volcano, the most active volcano in Nicaragua, with one of its most recent eruptions being in March of 2021. This eruption sent ashes 10,000 feet in the air and covered nearby cities in blankets of ash. The earliest record eruption of the San Cristóbal volcano was in 1685. 

  1. The Delicious Food 


Nicaragua has a rich culture, one that is emphasized through the food. Some of the dishes that are unique to the country include Vigron and Nacatamales. Vigoron consists of a cabbage salad, boiled yucca, and pork which is all served on a banana leaf while Nacatamales are a form of tamales that consist of tomatoes, chilé, pork, or chicken, and tomatoes, it is usually eaten for breakfast with bread and toast. 

  1. Nicaragua Is Cheap to Travel to

Nicaragua is an underdeveloped third-world country which makes traveling here ideal. A small hotel room can cost as little as $5 USD and on average a meal costs $3 USD. With such cheap amenities, it allows for more money to be put towards fun excursions and sightseeing opportunities that Nicaragua has to offer. Compared to Costa Rica, Nicaragua is much cheaper. 

  1. The Gorgeous Beaches 

Nicaragua is surrounded by water and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world can be found in San Juan del Sur and Corn Island. Nicaragua is set between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea which makes for many opportunities to explore some beaches in Nicaragua. From restaurants on the beach to swimming with sharks in the ocean, the beaches located in the Central American country are must-sees.  

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