David Dobrik Allegations

David Dobrik has been in the entertainment industry consistently for about 8 years. In the beginning he started with an app called Vine, where he got the start of his following and later moved onto youtube where he is mainly on and has acquired a total of 18.7 Million subscribers.

Recently some stories about David’s past have come to life, specifically about a man named Seth. Seth was one of David’s old friends and in 2018 David told Seth that he could make out with Actor/Model Tana Moungle, when in actuality he was another member of the group, a man named Jason Nash under a mask. This was done as a joke and with no malicious intent although Seth felt “Sexually harassed”.

With this happening some other allegations have recently spilled into this drama, including sexual assault. The other one was about his friend Dom in 2018, where David told Domhe gets as much time as he wants to make out with Tana Mouengul with a mask on, but in reality it ends up being another guy in the volg group named Jason Nash. Although Dobrik had no bad intentions, what he did was still wrong and David should’ve asked for consent the first time although it is unknown if Seth did consent the first time although all we know is that Seth agreed the second time.

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