New Alleged Sexuality Called “Super-Straight” Makes People Upset, At it’s Disguised Transphobia


There has been a large debate over a Tiktok that claimed “Super-straight” was a new sexuality in the LGBTQ+ Community. After this video, many people claimed they identified with the term as well, while many others were hurt by the meaning behind it. 

Insider states, “According to Urban Dictionary, the term is meant to refer to a preference “of the opposite sex with the exclusion of transgender people.” This new idea puts a divide between the LGBTQ+ Community as an alleged sexuality in the community is being transphobic. People on social media also claimed to create a month in honor of it titled “Super Straight History Month” that would occur in the month of September. 

The debate started when a Tiktok user of the name “Kyleroyce” posted a video at the end of February saying “Who else is super straight?” He took the video off of Tiktok, but soon uploaded it to his Youtube channel. Kyleroyce began to receive loads of hate and backlash because of the video, and needed to clear things up after his face went viral. 

In a video made by Youtuber Sam Collins, he mentions that Kyleroyce made a discord server along with many other social media groups where he talks more about sexuality and tells the other members of the server to spam creators’ comment sections. One post he made said, “@everyone @(unknown) on instagram called my girlfriend ugly. Go comment on her posts.” Along with that post, he made many others telling his supporters to spam the comments of people who make videos regarding super straight. 

Kyleroyce defended his video by saying “I created it because I was sick of being labelled with very negative terms for having a preference, something I can’t control, and getting labelled by the community that preaches acceptance with that sort of stuff. It was never meant to be hateful towards anyone.” Sometime after this statement though, his Tik tok account was banned. 

In rebuttal towards “super straight”,  A Tik Tok user @procrasclass makes the claim that “Super straight means you think that men who date trans women are less straight, meaning that trans women are men, and therefore not real women. Which is not only transphobic, but scientifically inaccurate.”

Some people on social media have also been claiming that there is a connection between the super straight logo and a neo-natzi party, Schutzstaffel. “Many screenshots of such posts showed “Super Straight” being applied to logos and flags similar to the Nazi “SS.”” The logos of the two ideas seem too similar to some people, to make them believe that this may not be a coincidence. 

The debates continue to happen on many platforms, as more and more people identify with the term, while many others are against it. 

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