Oakland’s New Sports Attraction


There’s going to be a new attraction in the Bay Area coming in the next few years. The Oakland Athletics Major League Baseball team is finally getting a new stadium. There have been new blueprints and virtual designs for the club’s new home.

For decades, the Oakland Athletics have had one of the smallest budgets in the MLB. It’s become known throughout the sport that the Athletics have one of the most outdated and cheap stadiums in the league. Recently, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and the Athletics President, Dave Kaval have been making efforts to get the move approved. If this stadium is allowed to be constructed, it will allow more Oakland natives to find work, in fact, it’s projected that the stadium will produce $7.3 billion over the next 10 years. Not to mention the previous Athletics stadium will become affordable housing for an already overpopulated Bay Area. Oakland will have an entire new reputation among baseball fans.

With the new idea proposed, it needs to pass city council. Dave Kaval, President of the Oakland Athletics says, “We look to the City for their support and partnership to keep the A’s in Oakland for generations to come” The stadium that has been proposed will change Oakland’s waterfront forever.

With the modernized look, this will bring more non-baseball fans into the stadium, the current A’s stadium is a worn down, old cement building. Only die hard Oakland fans want to go watch games. The Athletics Organization hopes to have all sorts of fans enjoy their experience, whether that’s actually watching the game, eating food, walking around, or meeting new people. Some City Council members object to the idea of a new massive stadium being built right on the waterfront. Due to the stadiums location being on industrial land called Howard Terminal, there are legal battles to acquire the land. With debates happening and progress being made, the stadium should be completed between spring 2023, and spring 2025. 

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