Complete guide for NAPS

By: Vanessa Morales

Naps, a student’s best friend. Lets face it, we all love naps. In kindergarten we even had a specific time to take naps  . And the great memory of falling asleep in the middle of the day, when we said we were  just “ resting our eyes” while the teacher keeps talking… *sighs*. But did we take all those days for granted?  The answer is YES! 

There are loads of benefits to naps, such as better perception and  the ability to focus on what’s happening around us, as naps help refresh and relax the mind.  They also help boost not only memory but our immune system, as naps help the cellular function and help reduce the inflammatory levels on our body that helps with a good immune system along with memory.

Now how to have the best- no, the GREATEST nap of your life:  We are aiming for a nap that refreshes and energizes you. We can call that a “power” nap. In order to do this  you have to be careful with napping too little or too long. Studies show the best length for this is between 20- 30 minutes. But if you had a really rough night, then 90 minutes should make up for the lost sleep time.  When you power everything off and rest your eyes to get that energized feeling instead of feeling groggy, that’s how you know took the perfect nap.

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