The Popularization of Fidget Toys


Fidget toys have seemingly become how popular? Popular with children and adults alike. As ADHD and anxiety have gained a lot more awareness recently, more and more people are trying to find better ways to deal with stress. Back in 2017, fidget spinners were really popular. But once teachers banned them from classrooms, it seemed they lost their appeal, and just became another trend. 

As  quarantine has gone on, and the majority of America’s youth has spent their time on Tik Tok, where fidget toys have become increasingly popular. Toys such as Pop-Its, Monkey Noodles, Wacky Tracks and Nee-Doh’s have different purposes, and have taken our youth by storm. Whether it’s word of mouth or from videos on tik tok, it seems elementary school students have taken a liking to these toys. 

Studies have shown that these toys have increased concentration and helped with anxiety and ADHD. 

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