Pro-Palestinian Protestors Attack Jewish Man in New York City


Thought I was going to die': NY Jewish man details assault by pro-Palestine  mob | The Times of Israel

Recently, due to the conflict between Israel and Palestine, antisemitism has been on the rise in the United States. There have been numerous reports of hate crimes directed toward Jewish people all across America. These hate crimes have led to many innocent people becoming victims of these hate crimes and have created a hostile environment within the United States. Last week, a Jewish man was beaten in New York City by a group of Pro-Palestine protestors. The man was immediately rushed to the hospital and released. Police have been investigating the situation and one of the six suspects was taken into custody the day of the crime. They were charged with assault as a hate crime, gang assault, menacing, aggravated harassment as a hate crime, and criminal possession of a weapon.

Recently, a second man was arrested by law enforcement on Monday (5/24). Reports state that he was making antisemitic statements during rival pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian protests in Midtown on Thursday. The protests resulted in 26 arrests in total. Videos of the protests also show numerous attacks on the opposition, such as a firework that was thrown in a crowd and led to a 55-year old woman being burned on her back.

This is only one example of the violence that has stemmed from the overseas conflict. Over the weekend, three men were accused of yelling antisemitic statements to four men standing outside a synagogue before damaging one of the cars outside.

However, since the deadly fighting between Israelis and Palestinians has been quelled with the agreement to the ceasefire, hate crimes between the two opposing sides have seen a noticeable downturn. The ceasefire seems to be a solution to the problem for now.

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