Headed To A Harry Styles Concert? Be Prepared To Meet COVID-19 Requirements

By: Leila Rocha

If you are a big fan of Harry Styles, you have probably already heard that he is finally going on tour! His first show is September 4th, in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, if you’re planning on attending his concert, “Love on Tour,” make sure you’re fully vaccinated or have a negative COVID-19 test. Kids who are eleven and under can attend if they have a negative COVID-19 test. Masks are also required in the venues. 

In an Instagram post addressing the tour, Styles wrote: “We are looking forward to seeing everyone as we return to the road! Please know our band and crew will be taking every possible precaution to protect each other so we can bring the show to everyone who wants to attend and we ask you to do the same,” Styles has proved his caution regarding the spread of COVID-19 by continuously pushing back his concert dates, as it was supposed to be in 2020. 

Fans took to the reply section under Styles´ original tweet to express their opinion on the tour announcement. ¨OK? STILL A SUPER SPREADER EVENT IDK,” one user said. “I’m not getting no covid in a pit packed like sardines so good luck to y’all! I´ll see y’all next tour,” another user said. 

It may seem like it, but the negative replies don’t represent a large population, many are still very excited about the tour finally happening. However, people also expressed their anger about the previous cancellations. ¨Okay cool, any chance you can speak up about the concerts you’ve cancelled and not told fans about? Leaving them to find out from an email off Ticketmaster? Not very treat people with kindness of you!¨ 

Another topic twitter users brought up was how Styles is only touring America; ¨totally makes sense that the only shows are in America right? When other countries are in a much better position but has the shows cancelled..” 

So just remember, if you are planning to attend an upcoming Harry Styles concert, make sure to meet the vaccination or testing requirements, and bring your mask!

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