Nurses Quit Over Vaccine Mandate As Unvaccinated Cases Overwhelm Hospitals

By: Maura Bennett

As more and more hospitals are requiring their staff to become fully vaccinated or else risking their job, nurses become more willing to pull back from the chaos and resign. It is becoming increasingly common to hear of establishments mandating vaccines, we are seeing colleges and workplaces start to put a mandate into place or threaten one. As healthcare workers are the ones exposed to COVID the most, a vaccine mandate could be beneficial to wrap up the pandemic and slow the spread. Hospitals are getting too many emissions due to COVID outbreaks resulting in major issues like there not being enough nurses or beds to be assigned accordingly to each patient to give them the care they desperately may need.  

The nurse to patient ratio is something a hospital should pay close attention to because at some point, the hospital will run out of the minimum resources needed to treat patients. Especially with COVID, most hospitals’ ratios are  becoming too great that some nurses are willing to resign. Healthcare workers are used to working conditions that are potentially dangerous to their own health so the pandemic is not a new environment for them but running out of resources is something nurses have never really had to deal with. At some point, hospitals start to turn away people needing care and refer them to somewhere who may be able to squeeze them into their limited space.  

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