Lil Nas X Upset Over Double Standard with Tony Hawk’s Blood-Signed Skateboards

By: Sid Spahn

On Tuesday, August 24, 2021,Tony Hawk released a limited edition skateboard signed with his blood. The 100 boards sold out overnight, each deck selling for $500 USD. 

This story might sound familiar to you, and you’d be right. On March 29, 2021, american rapper Lil Nas X released unofficial “Satan” Nikes in collaboration with MSCHF. The release of these shoes resulted in a plethora of backlash and even a lawsuit between Nike and Lil Nas X. 

The lack of backlash that Tony Hawk has received leaves a lot of people wondering: Was the issue about more than shoes? In one tweet, Lil Nas X says yes

Since X’s release of the MONTERO music video, he has made it known that he believes people are mad about more than religion. While many of his fans agree, there is still an overwhelming majority that claims this IS about religion, and not race or sexuality. @billianairebully said 

And many in the replies agree with Veronica. They say his choice to include satanic imagery made criticism from Christians unavoidable.

But many others counter this, saying that while Satan and religion are subjective, race and sexuality are not. While religion is rooted in individual beliefs, racism and homophobia are rooted in our society and microaggressions. Therefore the hate that Lil Nas X received was biased and had a root cause. 

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