The Celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month

By: Stanly Bui

Starting September 15 to October 15, there will be a national month for Hispanics to celebrate the goals and achievements of their generation. This celebration was first expanded when Ronald Reagan stated this celebration is covered in a 30-day period. This anniversary starts on September 15th because it represents the Latin American countries such as El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

People all around will be celebrating this event, not only for themselves, but the success of older families and what they did to get everyone where they are now. During Hispanic Heritage Month, people start to celebrate by doing activities such as making a new Latin food dish, making a new playlist of all of your favorite Latin songs, recreating a Latin painting, supporting a local business, and many more. 

This celebration contains many festivals as well as family parties to celebrate the ones that we love and what they have achieved during the time. The time together will make a stronger bond and will then make their family willfully stronger than they ever were. Celebrations tend to have a theme to the party like an art theme, music festival theme, creating dishes, and many more. 

According to Ronald Regan, not only does Hispanic Heritage Month celebrate the Latin countries, it also celebrates independence day on September 16 and September 18. They also celebrate Columbus day or “Dia de la Raza” which is on October 12. During these days of celebration, people take the time to reflect back on their families and what achievements they have accomplished. Some go to family parties and create a whole event for their entire family to celebrate. 

This celebration is growing rapidly and is already one of the most celebrated events, which the Hispanic community of America has already celebrated multiple times. This amazing event, that most Hispanic families celebrate, is to show how much they appreciate the achievements and goals they have made and celebrate their accomplishments they achieved.

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