“Working for the Knife:” Mitski’s New Song

By: Gwendolyne Chambers

Mitski is a singer/songwriter known for creating songs such as “Francis Forever”, which appeared in an episode of Adventure Time, and “Me and My Husband” which has 16 million views on Youtube. Needless to say, Mitski is an artist many have come to love and has gained popularity and helped many more in hard times of their lives. 

After her album Be the Cowboy came out in 2018 she announced her hiatus at a performance in New York City’s Central Park. She had left social media and had not been seen by the public until October 4, in which she teased her new song. She posted a photo on Youtube in which she was in an elevator in leather and a cowboy hat. 

Mitski has made small songs since her hiatus such as a collaboration with Allie X, and adding to the soundtrack for the graphic novel, This Is Where We Fall. However, this is her first major drop since Be The Cowboy came out. “Working for the Knife”  made it to number 5 on trending just 10 hours after release. 

Mitski has yet to release a song fans hate. She is widely considered a musical genius and is loved by many with several of her videos hitting 1 million plus views on YouTube.

Mitski is a wonderful writer and singer. “Working for the Knife” depicts “the knife” as her emotionally exposing songs and monetizing how she feels. Her raw emotion is bleeding out. She hints to old feelings and new ones. Giving us more raw feeling, imagery in the music video as well, depicting constantly wanting to follow the spotlight. Keep people listening to her music, never leave the pique of her career. 

This is another wonderful song by Mitski. She amazes everyone with her musical prowess and power. She’s done something many aren’t able to do and that’s be truthful to herself in her music. Orchestrated in pure, unfiltered emotion. 

You can listen to “Working for the Knife” here and watch the music video here.

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