What to Do When Your Teacher Leaves the Classroom

By: Leila Rocha

Before you read the article: This article is satire. Please be respectful and do what you are supposed to be doing when your teacher leaves the classroom. You should not do anything that is in the following article.

Teachers. Sometimes they need to temporarily leave the classroom for various reasons. Maybe they need to go to the restroom, talk to another teacher, or go get a coffee. Whatever the reasoning is, the good news is that the teacher is gone. Now it’s time to start a rebellion! 

When you see your teacher walk out the room, you may assume “They’ll be back soon”. They walk down the hall and take a left. Now, its time for you to rip up your stupid test! And don’t forget to lock the door so they don’t have access to the classroom anymore.

 Tell your classmates to play along. Have a party! Maybe play a song! The teacher is gone so it can´t be wrong. Freely kick out the snitches because they don’t belong!

Go onto their computer and change your grade. Send some emails and throw some shade. Message the principal and tell them to have final tests delayed. 

On the desk you probably see a stack of papers. Homework could it be? A classmate wants to rip it up and of course you’re very quick to agree. It seems like after this, detention is a guarantee. But that’s no issue. Just break a window if you want to flee. 

Grab the class phone and answer calls in an awkward tone. Tell the caller that you’re the teacher and leave your real identity unknown. 

Don’t be scared to leave a mess. It will all be fine as long as you make sure that no one will confess. All this proves is that your day of rebellion was an obvious success!

So you may be wondering now, what happens when the teacher comes to unlock the door? The answer is simple: just play hide and seek. Isn’t that what the cabinets in the back are for? 

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