Minecraft 1.19 And What’s To Come

By: Gwendolyne Chambers

On the 16th of October, something very exciting happened. That would be ‘Minecraft live’, where they announced 1.19, the Wild update. This is very exciting as new things such as the Warden and the Deep Dark will be added along with many other things. It’s all exciting and will change the experience of players, new and old.

The Deep Dark

First off is the Warden and the Deep Dark. These were supposed to be added in the Caves and Cliffs update but were changed to be added in the Wild update as the developers didn’t want to rush the Wardens’ addition. The Deep Dark will feature dark caves deep below the surface (hence the name), yet there are only speculations as to where it will generate. The Warden will be one of the hardest things to fight in the game, yet you’re the one who causes its eventual spawn. The Warden spawns by you making too much noise in a deep dark cave, and they’re blind, so if you do end up fighting a Warden, be sure to do it thoughtfully. As shown in the Minecraft Live video, the Warden will take you out in two hits while you’re in full unenchanted netherite armour. Terrifying for any hardcore players, so be careful out there you brave souls.

The Allay

Much like the past two years, there was another mob vote. The first years being the Phantom and last years being the stupid, useless, glow squid. This year, the Allay has won despite it being a hard choice between the three adorable mobs. The two challengers of the Allay are the Glare, who got knocked out in the first round, and the Copper Golem. Allay’s will be a useful mob in that they go out and gather items you assign. We assume it will work in that you give the Allay an item and then it will go out and gather said item. Allay’s can be assigned a tune on a noteblock, they will return back to that tune. However, what has to be the most convincing factor, is that the friendly mob dances.


Minecraft swamps have been around for a long time, however, they’re finally getting a massive update. Swamps have never really been fun and nothing has changed until now. A new tree will be added along with new mobs. First off, Mangrove trees will be added, and with every new tree, a new wood type will be added. Not only will a new wood be added, but another new block as well, such as one lovingly called “mud”. With the addition of mud, there will be the ability to turn it into clay by placing it on a dripstone where you can craft the mud into mud bricks.

With all of the block changes and additions, there will also be a new mob added. An addition to swamps that many agree with and will love, is the entrance of frogs. With frogs being added, tadpoles were a must. Tadpoles can be picked up in a bucket and put in your inventory. Placing the tadpoles in different biomes will get you different frog variants depending on the biome. The only three that you can get different frogs from at the moment are snow, tropical, and swamp. Each variant of frog will have a unique thing about them that will help players, however, the developers are unsure of what yet.

Now, with the swamp changes happening, we can only hope for something to be changed that hasn’t been touched in the longest time. Witch huts. They have been a solid square since I first started playing; I started playing in 2013. We can only hope with the changes coming to the swamp biome that the huts will be touched as well.

All of these changes and updates are exciting for players. There will be so much to explore and a speculated new dimension with speculated new mobs in said dimension. Biomes are being changed, such as the birch forest, which is getting taller trees and a possible new flower type based off of the concept art. It’s all very exciting and players are ready to play the update.

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