Big Hit Music Announces 2021 Auditions for New Boy Group

By: Jovillene Datu 

Big Hit Music, the label that manages BTS and TOMORROW x TOGETHER, is now looking for individuals who have the passion and talent to become global superstars. The requirements for the Big Hit auditions are similar to its previous years. The auditions start on October 18th and end on December 20th. They are looking for males only, born since 2002, and have experience in vocal, rap, dancing, and producing.

To apply, you have to go on the website ‘’ and provide basic 

information about yourself. Depending on the performance category you apply for such as vocal, raping, dancing, and producing, you must attach a image, media field, and URL. Full facial features must be shown for the image and a video for each position you register. Photos that are taken with a filter or videos with poor sound and image quality will be excluded from screening. Anyone can apply even if you are not Korean or speak English, everyone is included.  

There is also a video made by BTS that explains how the whole application process is done, as well as describing their experience auditioning for Big Hit Music. J-hope, a member of the group, describes his experience by saying, “I used to be a street dancer in Gwangju before my debut… I still remember to this day when I audition at the dance school my heart still goes pit-a-pat when I think of the moment.”

 Suga also recalls how he came through his audition process and gives helpful advice to future superstars, “I can say this could be your turning point in life, so I highly recommend you to not be hesitant to apply…It is more about showing how much you love your music and your dream, rather than being good at it. 

Unfortunately there are no official announcements about female auditions yet, but if you’re a guy with a passion for music it’s good to give it a shot.

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