Kim Jong Un Orders Starving Koreans To Eat Less Food Until 2025

By: Jovillene Datu

Image: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visits a drill of long-range artillery sub-units of the Korean People's Army

According to the RFA or Radio Free Asia, food shortages are already affecting North Korea, and citizens were told to tighten their belts for at least another 3 years by officials. Because of the spread of precautionary measures against COVID-19, North Korea closed its border, forbidding economic trades within other countries. This had a serious impact on the nation’s economy with the prices of everyday goods rising sharply as demand outstripped supply. These shortages are already making citizens displeased with the idea of not having enough supplies for their business in the winter. 

Soon after, the president of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, ordered his citizens to eat less food until 2025. He instructed citizens to start growing their own crops and be more self-reliant, despite the severe ongoing droughts ruining vital crops in 2020-2021. The people’s response to the president’s statement left them with despair and some are even considering fleeing the country. A resident said, “Distrust and resentment of the authorities is rampant among the residents because at the meeting they said we should reduce the amount of food we eat and tighten our belts more than ever…telling us to endure hardship until 2025 is the same as telling us to starve to death.

The chances of North Korea’s border reopening with China before 2025 are very  slim. Their major trade partner is China, and without the ability to trade with them, they will suffer without fertilizer and fuel. “North Korea is short around 860,000 tons of food this year”, from the authority of Sinuiju, a resident from North Pyongan. The government even considered eating only duck meat until 2025. Hopefully, by the summer of 2022, North Korea will receive financial help by other countries to terminate Kim Jong Un’s order.

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