Top 5 Rainy Day Albums

By: Caleb Rippee

December is now upon us, which means lots of rainy and cloudy weather. 

What do you do when the weather is rainy? Listen to good albums of course! Here are 5 rainy day albums that perfectly capture the mood.

5. Some Devil – Dave Matthews

There’s just something about this album that really puts you in a rainy day mood. Whether it’s the haunting melodies of “Gravedigger” or the upbeat melancholy of “So Damn Lucky”, there will be a song in here that makes you feel like taking a walk in the rain.

4. Perdida – Stone Temple Pilots

It may be an acoustic album, but man, it’s layered. This record builds such a lush and rich soundscape while still crafting mournful and sweet melodies that you will be singing for a while. The band utilizes many amazing sounding guitars and other interesting instruments, such as several types of percussion instruments, and even a Mellotron. Songs like “Fare Thee Well” and “Sunburst” really show their songwriting prowess, while the title track “Perdida” will be guaranteed to give you chills.

3. Hushed and Grim – Mastodon 

This is a pretty new album that just dropped in October, but that doesn’t discredit it at all. This album is very heavy with emotion and introspection. Songs like “Teardrinker” and “Dagger” show the band flexing their prog rock side that is tinged with sadness and mournfulness. However, songs like “Savage Lands” prove that the band has not gone soft.

2. Break The Cycle – Staind

This is an album that touches on dark subject matter. It’s gritty, hurtful, and abrasive. But the album has its wistful, introspective moments with songs like “Epiphany” and “Its Been Awhile.”

While songs like “Open Your Eyes” and “For You” retain the brooding groove that the band has perfected in this album.

1. Damnation – Opeth

This album captures such a unique magic, it’s impossible to do it justice. The atmosphere and soundscape that is developed is truly one of a kind. The droning, airy, ethereal keyboards; courtesy of Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), and the lullaby-eque vocals and guitar from Mikael Akerfeldt, makes this album dreamy and introspective. Songs like “Windowpane” and “Ending Credits” show off the gorgeous, tear-inducing lead guitar. While songs like, “In My Time of Need”, and “Hope Leaves”, show off the band’s amazing songwriting. “Death Whispered A Lullaby” expresses more of their folk/rock side while “Weakness” fully embraces the band’s prog rock influences. “Closure” gives us some exotic sounding acoustic guitar and ends (abruptly) with an upbeat middle eastern section. “To Rid The Disease” is a creepy, straight ahead rock song that you will most definitely sing along to. Every song in this album will have you staring out your window on a rainy day. Guaranteed.

Bonus Inclusion: Pitfalls – Leprous

I just discovered this album recently and it is amazing. It has a very unique feel with the combination of heavy synths as well as violins, cellos, and a slightly overdriven electric guitar.

“Below” is a slow burn, agonizing song that will have you singing along once it builds up. “I Lose Hope” can be best described as Maroon 5 with clinical depression. “Foreigner” embraces the experimental and kind of weird side of their sound and delivers a foreboding and eerie song, ripe with catchy melodies. The only thing indulgent about the writing is how good it is, the songs are easily catchy yet very deceivingly complex and full of nuance. Perfect for those dramatic, emotional moods.

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