Flu Season: How to Stay Healthy

By: Stephan Ransom


Winter is just around the corner and it’s getting colder by the day, which means Flu Season is approaching. Flu season is serious and should not be taken lightly because of other threats such as the pandemic, but by following some of these steps you can stay healthy physically and mentally this winter.

Stay Warm, one of the biggest causes of the flu is not keeping your body warm which can lead to symptoms of a cold and spread on. By keeping a jacket or two on you at all times depending on the weather you can protect your body from the flu. Also, keep your house warm on the inside with heaters, but be safe and unplug when not in use to avoid any fires or potential threats to your home. 

It’s also winter sports season and for all athletes that play sports and sweat make sure you put a jacket or warm device that covers your body after your activity to avoid cold sweats. Cold sweats could potentially lead to symptoms of runny nose, fever, and sore throat. 

One of the biggest ones is, WASH YOUR HANDS! Germs spread easily so you have to protect yourself in many ways. Hand Sanitizer should be on you at all times. Your safety is key to living your best life this holiday season. Now that it is that season it’s important to stay healthy around your friends and family. 

Stay home if feeling any symptoms since dedicating your time to regaining full health and not out while being contagious you are doing a service to yourself and others to stay safe and healthy. 

Following these steps should let you be able to enjoy the holiday season safely. With a healthy body and healthy mind you’re the best form of yourself. Everybody stay safe and stay warm this holiday season.

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