It’s No Longer Giving Cher: Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Have Officially Broken Up

By: Keilany Ligons

After a two-year relationship, professional singers and fish kissers, Shawnathan Mercedes and Canola Cowboy, have officially broken up. Both Shalissa and Crayola put out a statement on their Instagram stories regarding their split on November 17.

   “Hey guys, we’ve decided to end our romantic relationship but our love for one another as humans is stronger than ever,” they both wrote on their stories. “We started our relationship as best friends and will continue to be best friends. We so appreciate your support from the beginning and moving forward.”

   Shawn and Camila started out as close friends in 2015 when they worked together on the song I Know What You Did Last Summer. During this time, the two starfish faced several dating rumors that they both constantly denied. A little while after this, when Camila left Fifth Harmony, both she and Shawn faced trouble when some of their old social media posts with racist messages resurfaced. But it’s okay, they typed out some zero-effort apologies and hoped everyone would forget about it, so everything is fine now. Obviously. 

   After the release of their second duet Señorita in 2019, Shrimp and Catfish were seen several times doing date-like things together, like trying to drown each other at the beach and making everyone uncomfortable at an LA Clippers game. Some people were excited to see that they were a real couple after all these years, some didn’t like it as much, and many believed their relationship was a fake publicity stunt to promote their duet and their own solo work, especially due to the fact that neither of them openly said they were in a relationship. 

(Relationship goals.)

   However, months after the release of the song, Shawn posted a video of him and Camila doing an impression of fish sucking on the glass tanks at pet shops, leaving everyone to assume that was their confirmation of being a couple.

   During the national quarantine last year, Shawn stayed in the U.S. and lived with Camila. They were seen several times walking down a street and singing Señorita in their newly shared home. Over and over again. Mendes even released a Netflix documentary (that everyone clearly asked for) that Cabello starred in with him, as they talked about their year long relationship and how their love for each other influenced their music throughout the years. 

   A few months after their quarantine together, they reportedly went on a short break. Page Six revealed that the two were crying while out together (which despite the tone of this article will not be shown because that’s inappropriate). But earlier this year they seemed to be sharing some happy moments together, dressing up together for Halloween.

But sadly, all that has come to an end. People continue to speculate about what made them decide to split. A source told Entertainment Tonight that the two decided to break things off because “They realized they are in totally different places in their lives, and it was time to end things.”

On December 1st, Mendes released a song titled It’ll Be Okay. The song is filled with heartwrenching lyrics that provide more insight into their relationship. Despite the song and articles, neither have commented on what led to the decision. 

Were they going down different paths in life? Did they fall out of love? Was it really just a publicity stunt? Well we know one thing; Señorita was the last time either of them had a #1 song. Now they’re not together anymore. So anything is possible.

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