New COVID Variant Omicron Is Being Treated With A Booster Shot

A nurse prepares Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines in McMinnville, Ore., in October.

By: Stanley Bui

The new COVID-19 variant named Omicron, has been discovered by scientists in South America. Omicron has been presumed to be much better at evading the body’s defense system compared to previous variants. The company that tests blood from people with the virus found out that the two doses of the vaccine is insufficient for the new variant. Scientists are using booster shots to people who want to be protected from the Omicron.

People’s blood samples are being tested after one month of getting their third booster shot, and the results that they received were that the shot neutralized Omicron by creating antibodies to attack the virus. Scientists made sure that the variant did not have any mutations going through human bodies and that people’s immune system did not get worse from the COVID variant. Dr. Peter Hotez announced that the results of the medicine is “really good news.” Pfizer’s shot is estimated to neutralize Omicron for a month, then the level of neutralization will drop.

This variant found in South America has news sources spread all over the world saying that this virus apparently has mutations and Pfizer has developed two shots for people to eliminate the mutations in the virus. In a month or two Pfizer is going to analyze the people with the booster shots and to improve their medicine.

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