Covid Comeback

By: Jovillene Datu

The average number of new COVID-cases increased rapidly across the U.S. during the New Year. More than 1,660,000 tests were taken, and results showed that 394,013 people tested positive. After the event, COVID cases doubled, and are now up to 600,000 new cases per day according to the New York Times More than 100,000 COVID patients are hospitalized, and 8,461 deaths have been reported over the past week. The New York Times also stated that “About 4 U.S. hospitals with intensive units, or 713 total hospitals, recently reported that at least 95 percent of their I.C.U. beds were full.”  

The Omicron variant is causing concern around the world, this highly contagious virus spreads easily even if you are vaccinated or don’t have any symptoms. Scientists are currently investigating how those who are fully vaccinated can fight against infection, hospitalization, and death. Other variants, such as the Delta and Alphavirus may also cause severe illness and death. With some schools already reverting to online schooling, there could be a possibility of the whole nation going into lockdown because of the Omicron. 

CDC recommends that “Everyone ages 16 years and older get a booster shot after completing their primary COVID-19 vaccination series.” They also recommend that everyone 5 years and older protect themselves from COVID-19 by getting fully vaccinated. Continue wearing masks in public indoor settings, in areas of substantial, or high community transmission, regardless of vaccination status. Last, get tested regularly because people may be carrying the virus, but not show symptoms.

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