Riot Announces A New Character in League of Legends

By: Stanley Bui

Zeri’s alternate skin in League of Legends

Riot has announced that they are going to release a human battery as a champion in the game League of Legends. League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena also known as a MOBA game. Recently, Riot released a new character named Zeri. She is known for her electricity and speed in the game. From a trailer, Riot posted that Zeri is a marksman who is fueled and ready to battle with electricity to fight against enemies from afar.

From Zeris’ abilities, she is a very mobile character that shoots like an attack damage carry (ADC). She is also very fast because of the speed she gains from her enemies. The more she does damage and attacks, the faster she runs away or chases her enemies down.

 The players all over the world playing league of legends are hyping this new champion up by seeing what she can do depending on what builds she’s going to have. Such as, if she gains more movement speed from attacking her enemies. Players might build attack speed to hit their enemies faster, therefore making her faster in movement speed in general.

Zeris’ Q ability is Burst Fire. Zeri shoots seven rounds onto an enemy dealing physical damage. Her W ability is called ultra shock laser, this ability allows her to fire an electric pulse that slows and damages the first enemy it contacts. Her E is called spark surge. This ability lets her dash shooting three bursts of shots onto the enemy. Lastly, her ultimate is lighting crash. This ability lets her charge up a great extent of electricity, boosting her attack speed, movement speed, and allowing her to shoot a faster triple shot. It has been said in the league community that Zeri might dominate rift in league of legends.

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