Benicia High Girls Varsity Soccer Pulls A Win Over Ygnacio Valley

By: Kyla Mitchell

Benicia’s varsity girls soccer took a win against Ygnacio Valley on Tuesday this week. Early in the game, Lauren Ross scored the first goal for the team, and not long after Daniela Osejo scored giving them a two point lead. “I felt like there was more team chemistry, like passing and communicating.” said Lauren Ross, “It was a good game that we can learn from.” 

Toward the end of the first half, Tess Manning scored one more goal giving the Panthers a 3-0 lead at the end of the half. “We needed to slow down and take our time to pick our heads up,” said captain Olivia Kamm, “I know for me I was going too fast and kept passing to the other team.” 

In the second half the Lady Panthers dominated the ball for most of the game, “I feel like we played well. We definitely have a lot to improve but we were creating a lot of opportunities and we were able to score two more goals that half.” said captain Allysa Ballinger. Greta Henning scored a banger after her teammate obtained a foul from the thirty yard line. Olivia Kamm scored later on giving the girls a five point lead. 

Ygnacio Valley snuck in a goal late in the half ending the game 5-1. “I wanted to body slam the person who scored.” said goalkeeper Kate Northen at the end of the game. The Panthers are getting ready for their next game against Acalanes. The season so far has been pretty successful for the varsity girls, especially after playing some tough competitors. With five more games to go, the Lady Panthers are looking for big wins for the end of the season. The seniors are getting pumped for their upcoming senior night and are hungry for a win. 

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