Fortnite’s Latest Update Introducing A Dinosaur and More

By: Stanley Bui

Fortnite Klombos and Klomberries

Fortnite releases info about the new update into the Fortnite community. The special information about the update comes out and reveals that there is going to be a dinosaur walking around the Fortnite map. This special dinosaur is named Klumbo. Klumbo is a kind of dinosaur that loves to eat berries and give Fortnite players items to be friendly. This creature is inspired from the movie “How to Train Your Dragon.” This was perfect to the Fortnite community because it fits in with the fortnite friendly vibe as well as keeping its dinosaur like personality.

In Fortnite, Klumbo can do multiple things, such as a personal animation when he sees a berry, giving items for feeding berries, and changing colors. One thing about Klumbo is that whenever he takes a certain amount of damage, Klumbo will get angry and change his personality to a more aggressive side of him. 

Aside from this mythical creature, Fortnite announced and released an old place called Tilted Towers. Tilted Towers is a place on the Fortnite map back from October 2017. This well known place has players all over the world talking about how amazing it was back then and being very excited to land there. When Fortnite released these new creatures and old places in the game, many old players came  back to play once again.

So many players have a bunch of opinions about this update, but most players are loving the new releases. As well as beginning to take interest on their battle pass and began purchasing items. A great number of players are now interacting with different things in Fortnite now such as challenges and playing with Klumbo. This is one of Fortnite’s great updates in a while.

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