The Sexualization of Female Kpop Idols

By: Quinisa Roberts

From the beginning, when Kpop was covered by the media, where the innumerable examples of music videos that portray somewhat painfully sexual themes, but in a watered down fashion, has only gotten worse. Several Female Kpop idols have appeared to be uncomfortable with their very revealing costumes during performances, photoshoots, and red carpet appearances. Many fans have spoken up about the issue, since the music video of  Blackpink’s Lovesick Girls has been released with lead rapper’s Jennie’s outfits in the music video are apparently “sexualizing nurses” and being too tight.

Red Velvet (shown above), among the several girl groups, have suffered from wardrobe malfunctions during their performances.

“There is a line between being confident in your body and just being plain uncomfortable,” one American fan has said on Twitter. “It’s really ridiculous why there hasn’t been any official action towards this issue.”  Not only that, but the Kpop industry in recent years has been recruiting younger trainees, into groups and fans have expressed their concern for the exploitation of overly sexualized themes to the 17 and younger rookies, such as Yuna from the newly popular girl group ITZY, who is 17 years old, the group’s youngest member. It also takes a huge toll on idols’ self perspectives of themselves which leads to a slump in mental health.

There are many opinions that formed around this issue. Many people on Twitter see nothing wrong with the issue, saying “it’s a great way to be confident in your body”, while others see it as “oversexualization”. Idols are seen visually uncomfortably on stage as well, as they are frequently adjusting their outfits, such as Momo from Twice. As of right now, there hasn’t been any official movement to help idols get more comfortable outfits, due to the fact that it is seen as an “insignificant issue”.

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