Working-Out Alone vs. Working-Out With Others

By: Leila Rocha

It’s no secret that daily exercise is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. However, whether it’s cardio or strength training, some people feel awkward exercising in front of an audience. In contrast, some people feel motivated to exercise if they have others do it alongside them. 

Exercising with others is a common occurrence for some, especially if you’re on a sports team or if you have a gym buddy. Being on a sports team or taking any kind of workout class can expose you to different people. Therefore, it can help you expand your social circle. 

Jay Vira from Mumbai Live wrote about how sports can build friendships. In her article “How Sports Has Been Building Friendships for Decades,” she highlights how “you and your team are all working together and playing by the same set of rules. Along with this, any sport you play requires you to trust each other which tends to be an important inspect in a bond.”

In contrast, working out with others is a task that some find undesirable. For example, physical education classes in schools can often leave students feeling embarrassed. Also, a class like this may also suck the fun out of exercise. After all, having to run a mile in a certain amount of time or having a gym teacher yell at you for not trying your best isn’t the most appealing. 

Going solo is also a common way to get exercise. Activities such as jogging, jumping rope, and at-home workouts don’t necessarily require an exercise buddy or team. Lucy Tomlinson from Kent Sport highlights how you can be in charge of your workouts; “Exercising solo allows you to take full charge of your workouts. This means you can be more impulsive, decide your own goals, and go as hard as you want to. You’re not beholden to anyone else and you can tailor your workouts to what your body and mind need.” Also, it may be embarrassing for some people to exercise with others, and would rather have their workouts be a private experience. 

In conclusion, who you exercise with is a personal preference. Whatever best motivates you to consistently exercise is the best choice. 

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