Nintendo Brings Out Mario Strikers: Battle League

By: Stanley Bui

Nintendo announces that they are revamping Mario Strikers (2005) to the new and improved version which is called Mario Strikers: Battle League. This game is a 5-on-5 soccer game with an arena made out of grass and an electric fence as a border. This game is just soccer but it has a catch, there are no rules to the game. To score you are allowed to beat up your opponents and use your items and powers to either stop an opponent or score goals for your team.

It has said that the game is going to release on the Nintendo switch on June 10, 2022. Mario Strikers can be played in multiple game modes such as a 20 player lobby game where everyone faces off with their team of 5. There is also another game mode where you can build your team of 4 including yourself and play against another team that is local to you in a 8-on-8 game. There are various attacks in this soccer game such as tackles, shell attacks, and hyper strikes. All of them have different styles of how they work and use them perfectly to get that goal.

Creating a team in the game is important. Every character in the game has different stats, so when you pick your character make sure that everyone on your team is even in stats. Some characters also have certain stats that they are only good in such as strength, speed, shooting, passing, and technique. These 5 things are very important in the game, so having an even team that are all good in terms of stats, people are going to be cleat to cleat with each other.

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