Renata: A new character comes out onto the rift in League of Legends

By: Stanley Bui

Riot games recently announced that a new character named Renata is coming out and will play in summoner rift soon. This character Riot, released is from a city called Zaun. Even though she is not out ready to brawl, Riot games released what her kits and abilities are. Renatas main role is support which allows her to support her enemies when they are in need of help or in need of kills.

Renatas abilities are special because she is the first character that is different from all of the others in league of legends. Her passive ability is leverage. Leverage is whenever she hits her enemies, she creates a mark onto them letting her deal extra damage with her next attack. This is very important because the abilities you can combo with her passive would contain a bunch of burst damage onto enemies.

Next is her Q ability called handshake. This ability allows her to send a missile that can collate enemies that also get hit with her missile. This ability can deal a decent amount of damage while rooting her enemies. Renata can reactivate handshake to send the first person that was hit to another targeted enemy to deal extra damage. If the targeted enemy that was also hit gets stunned. 

Renatas W is bailout. This ability allows her allies to be boosted with energy and gets buffed with attack speed and help them get in form to fight their opponents. Her E ability is “loyalty program. This is a missile that she can shoot through her teammates to give them shields but also damage opponents when hit with the missile. Lastly, her ultimate is called hostile takeover. This ability lets her shoot out a wave of clouds making her enemies under her spell and hitting the nearest target including their own allies. This ultimate is so special because she is the first champion that allows friendly fire into the game.

This new champion is going to be one of the top picks into high league games and tournaments. As this champion is out in the beta version, people are already saying she has a 100% ban rate in games. As of right now, players do not know how they would feel when she’s actually out into the real version of the game since she could be dominating every single game with her abilities alone.

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