Prom is Finally Happening… in Greece?!

By: Alayna Smith

It’s time once again to prepare an extravagant dress or suit but this time be sure that it is fit for the gods as this year’s junior and senior prom theme has officially been announced as  “Gardens of Greece.” Invitations have been sent out to all of the juniors and seniors listing the date as April 23rd and the new location.

As many have already heard, San Francisco just isn’t an option for this year’s prom. Traditionally BHS has held the upperclassmen prom in San Francisco, however, due to COVID-19 restrictions in San Francisco county, people who are unvaccinated would be unable to attend. As a school, BHS strives to be inclusive to all students, regardless of whether or not they have the COVID-19 vaccination.

With this in mind, leadership has come to a solution. If we can’t have prom in San Francisco, we’ll just go to Greece instead. Of course, it would be a bit hard to get approval for half the school to go on a trip across the ocean for just one night, so, Benicia’s ‘Greece’ is going to be a bit closer to home. Prom will be held at an enchanting, outdoor wedding venue in Vacaville featuring lush greenery alongside an open lake. 

This is sure to be an exciting scene with a great majority of juniors and seniors planning to go, according to a classroom poll. Due to quarantine, prom was canceled last year so for most of the attendees, this is going to be their first prom. And for many of the seniors it’ll be their first and their last. Needless to say, they are certainly planning to make the most of it. 

“I’m going to jump into the lake,” says one anonymous student. Another says they are “Going to throw in a friend.” (Nick, this is your warning to keep a distance from the water). In fact, a majority of students who are aware of the lake have claimed that they plan to jump in so while administration is almost sure to take precautions surrounding this, it sounds like prom is going to be a night to remember to say the least. 

That being said, some students are less excited than others about the new location. “Honestly I’m a little disappointed that it isn’t going to be in San Francisco but I understand the school’s decision,” said Riley Pult, a junior planning on attending. She also added that she is, “Just glad that we’re able to go [at] all.” Other students are relieved that the location was moved, Lucas Garske said “Parking in San Francisco is a nightmare. At least the new place has a parking lot.”

Even if it isn’t going to be in San Francisco, BHS administration has worked hard to ensure that prom this year will still be enjoyable for all of the students that want to attend. It is time we prepare the Greek gardens for a long-awaited post-pandemic prom!

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