Jordan Poole Goes Off in Warriors Thrilling Win

By: Adrian Jacobs

With 1:14 minutes left in last Thursday’s game against the Denver Nuggets, Jordan Poole popped off! Game tied at 102. Crowd roaring in Denver. Poole used this to strengthen his confidence. 

After a timeout called by Denver, Curry ran the ball down the court with ambitions to score but unfortunately the Nuggets double-teamed him immediately. Luckily, Poole was left wide open behind the three point line. Swish! Without getting comfortable, Poole rushed down court to focus on defending. The Nuggets had the opportunity to score but Warriors star Steph Curry got a steal from Nikol Jokic. Again, Curry dribbled the ball looking for an easy bucket. The Warriors rotated the ball around until Jordan Poole had an uncontested corner-three look, and he was ready. Splash! Loud boos from the Nugget crowds was very overpowering, but cheers and shouts from only a few Warriors fans was still enough to show support. The Warriors bench roared with excitement and lit a fire of motivation.

Jordan Poole and Steph Curry ended up combining for a total of 55 points, leading their team to a win over the Denver Nuggets. The Warriors now sit tied with the Memphis Grizzlies in 2nd place in the West Conference. Although their past few games haven’t resulted in great outcomes, this may be a turning point. Warriors star, Draymond Green, is supposedly returning to play next week according to sources. He possesses a key role in Warriors’ gameplay. 

After the game, Curry had some words for Jordan Poole’s performance “down the stretch” saying: “It was huge. The shots are great because we wanna create a good look in some shape or form down the stretch. He made them pay.” Curry went on talking about Poole’s ability to stay focused, especially in times of stress, “Throughout the course of the game, he showed that when he’s locked in defensively and giving effort, that good things will happen on the other end, just cuz you stay engaged and locked in. A point of emphasis on making the right basketball play on both ends of the floor. So I’m glad he was rewarded with that down the stretch, because that’s how basketball is supposed to be played, and good things happen.”

The Warriors play home against the Bucks this upcoming Saturday and it looks like they are ready and determined.

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