Ohio Concealed Gun Law Taking Effect

By: Dominic Hernandez

The governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine signed a measure that would state that an adult citizen is allowed to have a concealed firearm without training and or background checks. This will be in effect June 12th, 2022.“Gov. DeWine made a campaign promise to the Buckeye Firearms Association and to Ohio’s 4 million gun owners that he would sign a Constitutional Carry bill if it was put on his desk.”

Ohio had a previous concealed carry law in 2004. Due to the popularity of the law, gun trainers have made their lessons less strict and have created more locations where the law is in effect.“The NRA commends Gov. DeWine for signing this important piece of legislation that protects the Second Amendment rights of all law-abiding Buckeyes,” said Jason Ouimet, executive director of the NRA’s lobbying arm, in a statement Monday. The order of police in Ohio and a considerable number of sheriffs are against this newly assigned law. During this, motorcyclists don’t need to tell officers they have a concealed weapon but drivers will need to let the officer know they have a firearm in the vehicle. 

Until then, there is a good amount of time for the law to be revoked or thought about further. If all goes well, the situation about concealed guns going on in Ohio won’t affect the rest of the United States.

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