Will Coca-Cola Starlight Launch You Into Space?

By: Leila Rocha

Starlight is Coca-Cola’s newest limited edition flavor. The company introduced the unique beverage where “red hue sparkles with a cooling sensation that has been transformed by the magic of space. Transport yourself to a new galaxy with each sip. Discover the sensation before it’s gone.” In other words, the drink is practically a spaceship, and if you miss the launch then you’re stuck here on Earth with original tasting Coke. The newest addition to the Coca-Cola family comes in full gravity and zero gravity form because Coca-Cola wants consumers to enjoy space from the safety of a gravity filled shuttle and outside in the zero gravity solar system. 

Considering Coca-Cola was the first soda to be drunk in space, the celestial theme seems appropriate. However, do not expect to be launched into the sun on the first sip. In fact, my first sip went something like this:

After a long day of school, I convinced my mom to take me to Safeway so I could buy the new Coca-Cola I had kept hearing about. When I got there, I opted for the zero sugar version. My initial thought was that ¨zero sugar¨ actually meant ¨zero gravity¨ and I would start floating towards the sun with my first sip. So once I checked out, I walked to my mom’s car and stood beside the passenger’s door and warned her, ¨I´m about to float to space mom.¨ She looked at me with utter confusion. Assuming I was joking she said, ¨alright have fun I guess.¨ 

With that, I took the drink out of my shopping bag and opened it. I lifted the can to my mouth with one hand and put my fist up like a superhero with my other. I had to be prepared for liftoff so I counted down from ten before taking the first sip. The whole time, my mom was looking at me from the driver’s seat like I was crazy. I got to one and took the sip….I was still on the ground. My dreams of floating to space were demolished. But the drink was alright. It had a space-like vibe I guess.

Regardless of the fact that the Starlight Coca-Cola does not launch consumers into space, it still had a refreshing taste. It of course did not taste the same as the Original Taste, but like always it tasted like happiness. Coca-Cola 4 Eva!

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