JYP’s New Girl Group Makes Headlines For “Worst Song Of All Time”

By: Staff


NMIXX, JYP’s new girl group, debuted with their single “O.O,” although the song has received tremendously poor comments, criticizing the sloppy building of themes and transitions from one beat to the next. NMIXX made headlines in the United Kingdom for performing the “worst song of all time.”

According to the British daily and news website, Daily Mail, the fact that NMIXX’s first single “O.O” gained over 19 million views in 24 hours, K-pop fans are supposedly giving “O.O” very poor ratings.

When comparing NMIXX’s debut to previous JYP female groups’ debuts throughout the years, the rookie group has failed to make an impression with their tune, becoming the poorest debut song performance by a JYP girl group.

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