Do We Help Ukraine With the Lend Lease

By: Dominic Hernandez

Almost 81 years ago during World War 2, President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) could not give supplies to Britain to support them. This was due to America’s promise to keep neutrality. Through the Lend Lease Act, FDR found a way to give to Britain without violating American neutrality. It was approved by Congress in 1941, allowing FDR to give Britain ammunition, tanks, airplanes, trucks, and food in Europe while still keeping the US neutral. 

Russia threatening any nation that helps Ukraine in their war is enough to cause hesitation among the nations who could potentially help.. Therefore America is very hesitant to support Ukraine with supplies. Should we help? or should we just stand by and wait.  The lend lease is a potential way of keeping neutrality in the situation but Russia might see this as picking sides. It will be a tough choice for President Biden to make, but a choice has to be made.

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