Coca-Cola Announces Another New Flavor!

By: Staff

In March of this year Coca-Cola came out with the limited edition Starlight flavor; a space themed beverage. The brand continues to prove that there are no limits to their creativity when they announced the upcoming launch of their new Pixel flavored drink, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte. 

The beverage made its debut in Fortnite, the most popular video game in Battle Royale. On the official Coca-Cola website, Oana Vlad, the senior director of Global Strategy described, “For our second expression from Coca-Cola Creations, we wanted to create an innovative taste inspired by the playfulness of pixels, rooted in the experiences that gaming makes possible. Just as pixels power digital connection, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte brings people together to share moments of Real Magic.¨

Unfortunately, the supply is limited and will be available for purchase on May 2 via the Coca-Cola website. To add to the limited supply, rather than having packs of 10-12 cans, the drink will be sold in twins. 

The Coca-Cola company looks to appeal to many types of people including those who love space, Fortnite, original taste, and many more. Customers can only wonder who the brand will try to appeal to next.

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