Panthers Celebrate Long-awaited Return of Prom

By Staff

     Benicia High’s 2022 prom night was a success. Although it was not what prom usually is, Yin Ranch was a scenic, yet classy, venue that captured what prom is all about. Many students made comments about how it reminded them of a wedding. The Gardens of Greece theme allowed for elegant decorations that fit the setting well. 

     As students arrived, they checked in at the front and were offered a professional photo for free to be taken of them and others. Walking on to the grounds students looked for one another, complimenting everyone’s beautiful outfits and taking photos together. Many students immediately indulged in drinks and food. The buffet bar offered light appetizers to keep the students fulfilled throughout the night, along with a drink bar. 

     “The macron’s were bussin’,” Stanley Bui (12) said.

     Panthers enjoyed the festivities from 6pm to 10pm, a timing that a number of students found frustrating, as the full ambience of the venue could not be enjoyed until after sunset. “Party animals only come out at night,” Emily Davis (12) said of the circumstances. This slowed down the first part of the evening with limited dancing as students got comfortable. As the night progressed, however, the music definitely increased (with a few occasions where students yelled “spin it” to the DJ). As for the dancing, prior to the event, students signed a memorandum indicating they would not partake in any moshing; but, that didn’t stop them as they energetically made their way through the dancefloor. 

     As the night came to an end, students got their belongings together and packed into buses and cars to head home and to after-parties. 

     Overall students quite enjoyed their night. “I thought it was really well set up but I do hope it’s in San Francisco next year” Xander Estrada (11). Kabir Sihota echoed this sentiment, stating, “I thought an outdoor venue was cool but I think I’d like an indoor venue better.” Regardless of the venue, one thing was clear: students were happy to have this long-awaited event back as they finished out their year, and for many, their high school experience.

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