Athlete of the Issue: Emma French

By Staff 

Even though she’s just a Freshman, you shouldn’t underestimate her talent. Emma French will be a name that Benicia High remembers. She plays shortstop for the varsity softball team and has made a name for herself. French ended the regular softball season batting 0.450 with 36 hits, four of which were home runs. For a 9th grader there’s no doubt her stats are crazy. She leads the team in RBI’s, doubles, and hits. 

French has been playing softball since the age of five and has played for three different travel softball teams. Her travel teams have led her to places like Colorado, Los Angeles, Oregon, and Las Vegas. There’s no doubt she’s got raw talent and the “it-factor” on the field. 

French says that high school softball has caused her to get used to practicing everyday and constantly keeping her body in good condition. She has also learned to build new relationships with her teammates. French also says that her favorite part of high school softball is being able to play with her friends and being able to play with different age levels. 

French is the class of 2025 but is already thinking about her career after high school. She hopes to play college softball and is already preparing for it. She says it’s all about hard work and claims she pushes herself to never be satisfied. 

She already has someone to look up to when it comes to a future in softball. French’s sister is a D1 college softball player and Emma credits her as her idol when it comes to sports. She says that her sister has taught her how to balance her school life, softball life, and social life. “She shows me everyday what it’s like to be a great D1 student athlete.”

There’s no doubt Emma has some great leaders to show her the way, but she also leads her own path. Her exceptional talent on the field proves her dedication to softball. We can’t wait to see what the next three seasons have in store for French and where she heads after high school. Go Panthers!

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