An Update on Ukraine and Russia

By Nicolas Wright

Since the 24th of February of this year, Russia and Ukraine have been engaged in a war filled with horrendous actions committed by the Russian Military. By March 7th, the number of Ukraine refugees reached 1.7 million and has recently passed 6 million. Kherson was the first Ukrainian city to be assailed by Russian Military forces and is the only regional capital city to fall within the first month of the invasion. Throughout the war, The Donbas region, located in Eastern Ukraine has seen heavy bombardment as well. Kharkiv, a northern city of Ukraine has also been a target of Russian Military forces and bombardments. 

Hospitals, apartments and other residential areas that have been evacuated have been targeted for these bombardment attacks. When Russian forces retreated from the northern area of Kviv, they left behind the dead bodies of over 2,500 civilians and over 3,000 injured people

So far, Russian forces have mostly taken control in Eastern Ukraine but have met resistance from Ukrainian Military. In these areas, many war crimes are being committed by the Russian Military. The crimes include: bombing of hospitals and other areas, use of torture, taking hostages, and even rape. According to a website called, over 11,000 war crimes have been reported, 3,668 people have been killed and 245 of them were children.  In some good news, The Ukrainian Military has reported that Russian forces have withdrawn from Kharkiv which is known as Ukraine’s second largest city and have supposedly won the battle. 

Despite no end in sight, Over 40 countries have appealed to the International Crime Court in The Hague, located in the Netherlands. If the court rules against Russia, perpetrators of these crimes can be detained in any country that recognizes the jurisdiction of the court. As the war continues, we can only hope for a good ending for those who have suffered and for the end of a truly horrendous war.

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