What Are We Doing the Rest of the Year in Our AP Classes?

By Staff


Thursday, May 12 concluded the two week AP exam period. So far only eighty-six students across the country have been arrested on suspicion of sharing exam material. This was an outstanding decrease since last year; around this time four hundred ninety one students had been arrested. 

No exams means the end of required curriculum in our AP classes despite upcoming finals. This has left many students wondering what class will bring these next two weeks. Fortunately, after some snooping around classrooms when teachers weren’t there, I was able to recover agendas from a few of the AP classes here on campus.

In AP World History, students will be given a map in which they will be required to draw a unicorn within the borders of all seven continents. This also counts for their final project that is worth ninety-nine percent of their grades. Although it may seem like an easy task, if the unicorns are not colored to code, students will receive an automatic zero and their exam scores will be canceled. In AP US History, each student is required to pose as a thirty-five year old and run for president in the upcoming 2024 election. Like the AP World students, this will count as their final exam. All students who do not win the election or are arrested for identity fraud will receive a zero and possibly a life sentence. In AP Bio, students will be required to create a lab-grown monster. The inspiration for this assignment came from Marey Shelley’s popular Frankenstien of course. 

In the end, it is the work that comes after the exam that plummets students’ grades and increases their stress levels. The time spent studying before the exam is meaningless. When The Paw sent out a survey to all BHS AP exam takers, ninety-seven percent of the participants selected that the assignments after the AP exam was the main cause of stress throughout the entire school year. Some students even stated that they dropped out of their classes the day after completing their exam. 

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