Olivia Kamm and Tyson Wallace Workout Routines

By Stephan Ransom

Staying in shape and staying fit is a key part of having a good life. Being in shape can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Exercise of any sorts is beneficial no matter if it’s walking for ten minutes or going out and running miles. Building strength and stamina, or losing weight are all reasons to stay healthy. Whatever the reason is, you can workout and exercise to meet your goals. I caught up with two star athletes here at Benicia High School: Tyson Wallace and Olivia Kamm. They explained to me their workout routines on certain days, as well as their purpose and motivation to stay fit. 

I first asked Wallace, about what type of workout he prefers where he responded saying, “Upper body; my workout routine consists of me getting a lift.” Wallace then followed up by adding in that he likes to get at least 100 swings in a day to stay consistent. Wallace is referring to baseball because he is committed to play baseball on the men’s collegiate team in the fall at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. 

Next, I asked Olivia Kamm who is attending Los Medanos College where she is going to continue playing soccer about her typical workout routine and the type of workout she prefers. She answered by saying, “I definitely prefer leg days, I usually warm up with a run or the stair climber. After that, I’ll do squats , Romanian deadlifts, Bulgarian split squats, and hip thrusts.” Then Kamm explained she stays motivated to work out. Kamm responded, “I stay committed knowing I’ll be healthier, plus staying in shape for soccer.”

Working out is a key part of having a healthier lifestyle. I want to thank both athletes for taking time out of their schedules to answer these questions and wish them the best in their future.

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