Please Don’t Work At Quickly

By Some Person

All boba places are amazing. However, one in particular caught my eye, the Quickly in Vallejo. I thought the store was a friendly place with the best quality drink, but after working there my whole perspective changed. 

During the beginning of December my friend decided to finally apply to a job and Quickly was one of his options. Coming from a traumatizing work environment I decided to apply with him and surprisingly we both got the job. Little did we know it would be the best and worst experience of our lives. 

First few weeks of working there were crazy. I never knew the four main teas – thai, quickly, jasmin, and taro – were all pre-made and in buckets. The place had a lot of broken and old machines and materials, but I never questioned it because I was a new employee. My coworker said the floor used to be white but after a few years they turned brown because of the tea stains. Everything is broken head to toe, from the holes on the ceiling due to the poor quality AC, to the leaking drain pipes and floor flooding. 

Recently, a bunch of the senior workers who have been working there for more than a year decided to all quit at once. Unfortunately for me, I’ve only worked there for 4 months and already have to teach the newcomers how to do certains things. The pressure is very tiring for me considering I have school as well. Since we are understaffed customers continue to complain about why their drinks take too long. It’s not the employees fault, it’s our store owner because she forbids scheduling more people because she says, “it’s an expense.” 

We aren’t able to replace things because our store owner is cheap. We had two speakers when I first came, but after a few weeks one broke, then another few weeks another broke, and now we have only one sealer for the chubby and supper cups. Customers complain that we are always running out of everything, even if we tell our store owner she would shrug us off and ignore us.

When the new employees came the whole scheduling system became a major problem. People were not scheduled therefore did not make any income. I was not scheduled for two whole weeks and needed to pay for certain things. Considering the pay, I never knew that they would be below minimum wage. 14 dollars for a high schooler and college student is not enough to cover for gas and other expenses.  

There are a few pros of working there such as the staff, and the unlimited drinks we are able to make for ourselves and family. I only continue to work here because I needed a temporary job for the summer. 

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