Beloved Norwegian Walrus Euthanized Out Of Concern For “Threat To Human Safety”

By Caleb Rippee

There are many things one can do while in Oslo, Norway. Visiting a Viking ship museum, taking a stroll through the Vigeland Park, or even stopping by the Opera House for a show. Some people, however, enjoy paying a visit to one of the capital’s most popular attractions; Freya the walrus. 

Freya, named after the Norse goddess of beauty and love, has become very popular among the locals in Oslo. The 1300 pound sea mammal spent her days sunbathing on the docks and sleeping on boats. People from all over Oslo made their way to the fjord to get a look at Freya.

Sadly though, on Sunday, August 14th, officials decided that the walrus was a growing threat to human safety due to the increasing number of people who wanted to get close to the animal. Instead of moving Freya to another location, it was decided that euthanasia was a better option. 

Many people were extremely upset by this decision. Runa Aae, a biologist, commented that the decision was “too hasty” later saying “Freya had sooner or later gotten out of the Oslofjord, which also previous experience has shown, so euthanasia was, in my view completely unnecessary.”

Recently, a fundraiser to create a statue of Freya was started by Erik Holm 

stated on the fundraising website that “By erecting a statue of the symbol that Freya has become in such a short time, we will remind ourselves (and generations to come) that we cannot and should not kill or erase nature when it is in our path” 

The fundraiser has already raised $20,000 towards creating a statue in honor of Oslo’s beloved walrus. If you would like to support the fundraiser, you can find it here:

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